Essay on My Favorite Book in English

I have read many great books. So it is difficult for me to say when and how much I have been influenced by which book.

Still, I can confidently say that if any one book has had the greatest impact on my mind, it is Ramcharit Manas by Kavikul Shiromani Goswami Tulsidas.

Ramcharit Manas is called the common male-female Ramayana. I was first attracted towards the reading of this then.

When my mother who used to recite it every morning and at the end of reciting used to bow her head on the book with folded hands.

My Favorite Book Essay in English Language

Although I could not understand all these things very well due to being small, but it was definitely in my mind that this book is priceless.

As a result, whenever I got a chance, I would reach the place where this book would have been kept and I would start turning its pages.

When Mother saw these activities of mine, she started telling me stories from Ramayana sitting next to her and when I grew up, she started teaching me to read it daily.

After listening to my mother’s instruction, I decided in my mind that when I grow up, I will read this book every day.

The result of this determination of mine was that as I grew older, my desire to read this book increased. Initially, I could not understand anything, but after reading it again and again, today many features of this book have been clearly imprinted on my heart.

The specialty of Ramcharitmanas which first attracted me to myself is that which duties we should perform in life.

What is the duty of a child to his parents, what should be the duty of a brother to his brother, what is the duty of a friend to a friend, what is the duty of a wife to her husband, I first learned about these things from the study of Ramcharitmanas. Only received.

After reading the characters of an obedient son like Rama, an immovable brother like Bharat, a servant like Hanuman, a chaste wife like Sita, this feeling began to arise again and again in my mind that we too should follow these ideals and the character of great people in our lives.

Through the study of Ramcharitmanas, I came to know about the true nature of Arya Dharma. Religion teaches us to meet each other, not to separate. This voice was articulated many times in Ramcharitmanas.

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