Essay on Bihar in English Language For Students

The contribution of Bihar in the Indian freedom struggle has been unforgettable. But after independence, the feeling of casteism and high and low took away Bihar.

The rest of the destruction took place under the rule of Shri Lalu Yadav and Rabri Devi and Bihar returned to the Lantern Age.

But, since 2006 till now, with the arrival of Nitish Kumar, a ray of hope has arisen in the public and Bihar is developing.

The total area of ​​Bihar is 99,220 square kilometer. Its capital is Patna. Hindi, Urdu, Santhali, Bangla, Oriya etc. are the main languages ​​here.

Essay on Bihar State in English

Bihar has a very proud history. Lord Buddha appeared on this holy land of Bihar. Bihar has been a major center of education since ancient times.

Today Bihar is walking on the path of progress. For the reconstruction of Bihar, the central and state governments are working on many schemes.

Work is being done on a war footing to further improve the condition of the roads in the state.

There is no dearth of mineral wealth here. The state government is working on their mining and their proper use.

Where there is a terrible devastation due to floods, the work of building dams is being done.

It is known to all that the floods in Kosi had wreaked havoc on the areas there. The Bihar government had taken this very seriously, necessary work is in progress for this.

Not only this, for the progress in the field of agriculture in Bihar, the government has started many schemes.

Farmers are being provided with improved seeds, fertilizers and other essential commodities so that production can increase.

Along with this, various meetings are also being organized by the government from time to time in the villages.

In these meetings, agricultural scientists solve various problems of farmers.

In the field of education also, progress is being made continuously in this state. Latest technical education is being given to the students, as a result of which the students here are bringing laurels to their state in foreign countries as well.

In the medical colleges of Bihar, the students are being educated by ordering the latest equipment from abroad.

Earlier people of Bihar had to go to other states for open heart surgery and dialysis.

But now the people of Bihar do not have to go out for the treatment of these two. It is a symbol of progress of higher education in Bihar.

The progress of higher education in Bihar can also be understood from the fact that the students here are achieving success in various higher competitive examinations of the country.

Bihar is progressing all-round under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Roads, bridges etc are being repaired. The means of transport have increased.

The government is trying to solve the power shortage in Bihar. Efforts are being made to get rid of the flood.

The World Bank is also helping a lot under the Kosi reconstruction scheme.

In the past, the crime graph in Bihar had increased. Big businessmen, industrialists. Doctors etc. have migrated to other states. This problem has also reduced.

Now the government is trying to crack down on corruption. Now it is expected that industrialists will work to set up industries in Bihar like Gujarat.

But Bihar is an agricultural state. Therefore, the government will have to make a lot of efforts for the development of agriculture.

Only then our Bihar will move forward on the path of progress.

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