Discipline Essay in English For All Classes

Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had given a popular slogan – ” Discipline makes a nation great. “

Discipline begins with the individual and becomes the life of the nation. Personal discipline means adapting oneself to individual needs, making and following rules keeping in view of one’s family and society.

Essay on Discipline in English For Students

Discipline Essay in English

Discipline is tailored to individual needs, social status, religious conduct and administrative rules. Etiquette is closely related to discipline.

It is not taught in any school. Moral education was studied in ancient India. Every person in the society was capable and ready to teach discipline to the other.

Since birth, discipline was taught according to need and age. Ever since the wave of western civilization has spread and every person has been swept away in its fragrance, indiscipline has progressed to its extreme form.

Two types of discipline prevail among Indians – Indian discipline and Western discipline. Life in India has become a double life.

Individual rules have become double, social order has become double, administrative rules may be one in saying but have become double.

One rule applies to Hindus, another to Muslims, and a third to Christians. The point of religious discipline is unique. India has no religion.

It may or may not be a secular state, but it must have been heretical or unrighteous.

In this way linguistic unity or discipline, religious discipline or administrative discipline has automatically ended. It is foolish to blame it on a particular person.

Today in any country of the world, there are different religions, yet life there is going on smoothly.

India may have one language in spite of many languages, but many languages ​​are being spoken in the country.

Today in the country, people who are strong in money and muscle power are taking the country towards indiscipline by flouting the rules and regulations.

This is dangerous for the country, we should try to stop it.

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