Student Life Essay in English For All Classes

Today’s student will be tomorrow’s citizen. Undoubtedly, the foundation of the future lies in student life itself.

The deeper and firmer this foundation, the more firm, lasting and grand the flow of life will be. This is the golden age to make the future bright.

Essay on Student Life in English

Student Life Essay

If the student makes good use of these years of his life, and if his mentors and teachers give him full help in character building and learning, then there is no doubt about the happiness of his future life.

All great men have been self-restraint, virtuous, obedient, honest, hard-working and punctual in student-life. As he grew, he became humble and humble.

His work in student life marked his bright future. Gopalkrishna Gokhale, Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda are vivid proofs of this.

It is absolutely necessary for the students to be self-sufficient. Many students depend only on the teacher’s teaching and being extravagant, try to get more and more money from the parents.

As a result, even after the end of student life, they stare at the faces of others. They are not satisfied with anything. His life is hopeless.

Human health is made or deteriorated from childhood itself. The education which develops only the mind of the child and not the body, it is incomplete, it causes harm rather than benefit.

The purpose of education is to develop both the mind and the body. The body is closely related to the brain. If one progresses and the other declines, both will suffer in future.

If someone’s head is much bigger than the size of the body, then he will look very clumsy. Therefore, it is beneficial to have mental and physical progress together.

A healthy mind develops in a healthy body.

In addition to modern sports, children should be trained in running, wrestling, shooting, etc. from the beginning.

To maintain good health, it is necessary to be patient. Healthy people are always happy and do not panic even when heavy adversity comes.

The future is certain in student life. He is neither worried about food nor clothes, nor does he have the burden of household.

Whether he watches the cinema, whether the theatre, there is no restriction on him.

There is bubblyness in his movement, joy in his heart, happiness in his mind, innocence in his face and sweetness in his speech. He is optimistic, it is natural for him to be happy.

There was a time, when students from different parts of the country used to come to India to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

Because this holy land was full of scholars well-versed in literature and science.

They not only provided free education to the children of all from the king to the rank, but also arranged for their residence, food and clothes.

As a result, the students had immense reverence and devotion in him. It was the duty of the students to obey the Guru’s orders.

Staying away from the cities, they were not even near the luxury.

His lifestyle was very simple. Simple food and clothes were enough for their subsistence. He had no third activity except study and exercise.

Comparing them with modern students, there seems to be a difference in the sky. If these things are not there in the students of today, then they cannot be called students.

The radiance and aura of the ancient students reflected their wisdom and strength. There was melody in the speech of a student of ancient times, it was a grave sin for him to speak unpleasant sentences.

It was out of his policy to hurt someone’s heart. It was considered rewarding to get the blessings of the gurus.

Today’s student life needs improvement. The most important thing is that they should be provided the education which interests them and which supports their livelihood.

The living conditions of both the teacher and the disciple are absolutely desirable only for the fulfillment of the needs.

The study of spiritual subjects is necessary for character building. Student life can become balanced only when there is equality in mental and physical education.

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