The Summer Season Essay in English

Essay on The Summer Season in English

India is a hot country. The summer season is the longest season in India. It stays for nearly five months. The sun is very strong.

The hot wind blows. Days are longer and nights are shorter. Summer is a dull and dry season. The day is sometimes so hot that we cannot go out at noon.

Essay on The Summer Season in English For All Students

Essay on The Summer Season

Summer nights are also disturbing. Mosquitoes and snakes often create problems. The sky looks cloudless. Sleeping well at night is difficult.

There is the scarcity of water during this season. Wells, ponds and rivers begin to dry up. There is the problem of drinking water.

Crops begin to die for want of rain. Animals do not get green grass. All the fields look dry. So life becomes hard during summer.

We face another problem during this season. Fire-accidents are very common. They destroy life and property. Most of the houses in the villages of our country are huts.

They catch fire easily. The wind blows and the fire spreads very soon. It burns down many of the houses. The shortage of water during summer makes the fire incidents all the more fearful.

The summer season has yet another disadvantage. Many serious diseases break out during this season. A large number of people fall ill.

Children are the greatest sufferers. Most of the people have stomach troubles. Cholera and small pox are common diseases of this season.

The summer season is responsible for the breaking out of these disease. In spite of all these disadvantages, the summer season has its own charms.

It has its own beauty, We can hear the sweet songs of birds in the early morning. The latter part of the night is generally pleasant.

Walking before sunrise during summer is very useful for health. The morning is cool and calm. The evening is bright and beautiful. So we all like the summer season.

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