Essay on Indian Democracy in English

Indian Democracy Essay in English

Ancient Greek writers have considered democracy as a government in which power is in the hands of many people. Aristotle has used it in a distorted form.

The famous historian Herodotus has described democracy as the rule in which the entire state gets the supreme power of the state.

According to Abraham Lincoln (late President of America), – Democracy is the rule of the people and by the people.

The famous politician Bryce states that “democracy is a form of governance in which the rights of the state are not conferred on any particular category of people but people of the whole society.”

Mezzini writes, ‘The government run and promoted by the best and most intelligent people is called democracy.’

In short, we can say that democracy is called a government in which the people are considered the ultimate source of the state and the public participates in governance either directly or through their representatives.

Essay on Democracy in English For All Students

It is clear that the people cannot and do not govern themselves, it is only possible that consensus on all political subjects.

That is why majority rule often takes place in a democracy and that majority does not selfishly pay attention to public interest and it especially protects the interest of minority sections.

Pro Giddings states that democracy can be a form of governance, a state, a society and a combination of all three. Democracy is the best government.

In a democracy, the interests of a particular class are not taken into consideration but the interests of the common people are considered paramount. That is why democracy is considered the best government.

In a democracy, all classes are considered equal and all the discrimination of high, low, rich, poor, caste-caste, white and black race is destroyed.

For example, India is the largest democracy in the world and all divisions have been destroyed here.

Democracy Essay in English

The freedom that people get in democracy is not as much freedom as any other country in the world. Demonstrations on August 16, 1965 AD against the Government of India regarding the agreement of Kutch are examples of this.

Other parties also sharply criticized the Kutch agreement. Before the rise of democracy in the world autocratic monarchies, petty democracies, tyrannical regimes, etc. have been prevalent but the common people had no rights in them and were dependent on the mercy of the rulers.

After centuries of struggle, people established democracies by taking away certain powers from their rulers and limiting their powers.

That is why some fundamental rights are given in democratic constitutions nowadays, in which the right to equality and freedom is given prominence.

Democracy does not stand on the dominant power of the state, but on consent and it considers the existence of the state for the individual rather than the existence of the person for the state.

Through this, the development and promotion of the public is to arouse his interest in social work. Democracy functions like a training school for the people.

Therefore, we can say that democracy rests on public opinion. There is least fear of revolutions in democracy because public opinion is taken care of and special attention is paid to public welfare.

Democracy teaches us that we all follow discipline and adopt the spirit of love, sympathy, help and favor like others. Democracy is administered by the people themselves, so they get a type of training.

Governments in democracy are run by the representatives of the people themselves and they are afraid of doing anything wrong because they are responsible to the Parliament and the people.

In governance, they consult several experts and pay special attention to criticism of newspapers. Fearing public opinion, they prevent wasteful spending in government and follow the principle of austerity.

In democracy, the government believes that the ultimate source of sovereignty is the people and we have to seek guidance from them as well. For this, adults are given the franchise and elections are held after a few years to gain leadership from them.

This makes the public aware of their power and instills a sense of responsibility in them. In democracy, the public understands that the government is ours because it is chosen by the people.

People’s participation in the administration is responsible and patriotism arises in them and their interest in administration increases.

There is no gap of difference between the people and the government and people consider themselves the creators of the country.

Social unity is the highest in a democracy. In a democracy, governance is in the hands of very hot leaders. They get the full support of the people and they are of very progressive views, hence they want to make the country powerful by removing all kinds of evils with the full support of the people.

It is alleged against democracy that it is ruled by fools, ignorant, illiterates. Pluto was of the opinion that governance is an art, an ordinary person cannot achieve it.

Only those who are intelligent and efficient can run the rule well. But democracy is the rule of uneducated people. Aristotle considers democracy a distorted form of government.

It is said about democracy that democracy leads to loss of work efficiency and there is nothing in it except a few smart people who collect votes in their favor and govern with great success.

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