Essay on My Favorite Sport in English For All Students

Essay on My Favorite Sport in English

The importance of sports in life is undeniable. Many types of sports are popular today; Such as – cricket, football, hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton etc.

Everyone likes some sport or the other. I like playing hockey. The game of hockey is played in most countries of the world today.

The game is very popular in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, England, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland etc.

My Favorite Sport Essay in English For Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Hockey occupies an important place not only in the sports competitions in Asia and Europe, but also in the Olympic Games. In the countries of Europe, the game of ice hockey is also played. ‘Ice hockey‘ is played on days when there is snow.

It is difficult to predict when the game of hockey started, but the sport was included in the Olympic Games in 1908. The All India Hockey Association was established in India in 1925 and since then it has been played as the national sport of India.

Essay on My Favorite Sports in English

Till 1956, India dominated unilaterally in the field of hockey. Hitler of Germany joined hands with Dhyanchand, a famous Indian player and a hockey magician, happy with the magic of hockey.

Under his leadership, India maintained its dominance in the hockey game. After that the downfall of Indian hockey started. Gradually hockey was replaced by cricket.

But I believe that the game of hockey is far better than cricket. The game of hockey is a game of two teams having the same strength and dexterity.

In this, each player of the team has to play agile, alert and with their full strength. For this reason, the game of hockey is called a game of physical ability.

Hockey is played in two innings of 35–35 minutes each. The game consists of five players forward, two defense lines, three center half and one goalkeeper.

Everyone has to play with great harmony. By making short passes, dribbling, the players reach a semi-circular line called ‘D’ in front of the opposition’s goal and from there hit the goal post. If the ball goes inside the goal post, it is considered a goal.

Nowadays many new rules have been introduced in hockey. A player who intentionally tries to hurt, topple, or unfairly stop a player is shown a yellow card, a green card, and a red card by the referee, according to which the player should be Can also be taken off the field.

Rules like ‘penalty push’ are also very important in the game of hockey. A team that has the ability to convert penalty corners into a goal deserves a win. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of ‘penalty corner experts’ in India.

I think the government is to blame for the falling level of hockey in India. Hockey players are not even encouraged by the government and the politics prevailing in ‘Hockey Associations’ is also responsible for the declining level of the game.

But I am not disappointed by it. I am confident that India will one day be champion in hockey again. The Government of India has also paid attention to this for the last few years and many youth are being trained in the game of hockey.

My wish: For the game of hockey, it is very important to keep your body tight, flexible, agile and able to run. In this game, it is very important for the players to have more coordination and understanding than other sports.

I am a hockey player. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to participate in any national or international competition, but I wish and I am confident that one day an opportunity will come when I showcase my talent as a member of India’s national hockey team. I will keep making India victorious.

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