Essay on Girls Education in English

Girl Education Essay in English

There was a time when people thought that it was not necessary to give education to girls. We are now beginning to realize that in the present times, there is a need for education of girls.

Modern era is the era of awakening of women. She is trying to compete with men in all walks of life. Many people oppose women education.

They say the proper area of ​​women is home. That is why they argue that spending money on women’s education is a waste of money. This idea is wrong because women education can bring peaceful revolution in the society.

Essay on Girls Education in English For All Students

There are many benefits from women education. Educated women can contribute significantly in the development of their country. She can extend her hand in menial work in various walks of life.

They can serve the society as teachers, lawyers, doctors and administrators. They can do important work in times of war.

Education is a boon for women in this era of economic hardship. Days of abundance and growth have passed. Nowadays it is difficult for middle class people to earn enough money to meet their needs.

Educated women can increase their husbands’ income by earning themselves. If a woman is educated, after the death of her husband, she can earn money for her maintenance.

Girls need education to make our homes a happy place. If our sisters, wives and mothers are well educated then our domestic life will become beautiful.

Educated women can brighten the future of their country by raising their children well. Education gives women freedom of thought.

It liberalizes her outlook and gives her knowledge of her duties and responsibilities. Many people say that women should not try to get degrees.

They make mistakes, because women have shown their importance in all areas of life. There is no reason why women should not get education the way men do.

But they should not expect duties in their home, so women must have knowledge of home science and child psychology.

The progress of a country depends on the education of women. Female education should always be encouraged.

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