Essay on Movies in English

Importance of Cinema in Life 

Movies have become a part of our life today. Everything that happens in society was first acted by plays. Now it is done by the movie itself.

If we want to see the moving pictures of the society, then we go to the cinema house. Now many cinemas have been built in cities. As soon as dusk comes, a crowd comes in front of them.

Essay on Movies/Cinema in English For All Students

The residents of the city, bored of domestic occupations and flocks, come to the cinema hall for recreation. Film-companies make a play by famous actors and actresses of the country or the world and then sell it.

We can see all the characters of the play and their performance on the screen by the cinema instrument. The machine is run by electricity and the films come in front of the audience on a wall sheet.

If cinema is sociopolitical, then there can be social interest along with entertainment. Traditional conventions can be disintegrated and made progressive.

Like radio, it is a good tool for public education. Silent cinema can do promotional work in villages. Cinema can be taught about cleanliness, politics, religious tolerance, social revolution etc.

Cinema portrays society like a drama. Film companies produce films keeping in mind the interest of the society. Theaters get crowded to watch films with contemporary politics.

But the comic material which is collected by the clowns of the cinema, then the lewd performances of the lovers are extremely undesirable.

Final Thoughts – 

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