My Hobby Essay in English For All Students

Different persons have different hobbies. The choice of hobby depends on their taste and temperament. The favourite hobby with the boys is the stamp collecting.

It becomes a passion with them. They are ready to pay any amount to get a stamp of foreign country.

They look at the foreign stamps and their minds are going away the distant lands, the pictures of the Kangaroo and the Eagle, the pyramid and the Dragon.

Essay on My Hobby in English

The Eiffel Tower and the learning power open before them the pages of history and geography, the words of myths and legends.

Boys can part with their money, but cannot part with their stamps. Stamps are the food for their recreation. Photography is another favourite hobby with some people.

They are thrilled by Kodak’s magic. They catch with their camera the rich moments in nature and strange moods in men and they find a good company in those rare photographs in their leisure hours.

Angling is another nice hobby. To sit by a quiet pond with a close watch on the white feather floating on the water is a great recreation for them.

The whole world may go to pieces but the Angler will never miss the seat by the pond. You can never tempt the man with this hobby into any other entertainment.

But my hobby is gardening. To grow a flower plant day-by-day is my passion. And to see my plant crowned with a blooming flower is my crowning glory.

I do not find so great a pleasure in anything else. Let my friends raise storm in a tea cup in town cafes, let them sit spell bound before the silver screens in the afternoon, but I will visit my little garden after my daily work.

That is my recreation, that is my pastime. It is a pleasure to move in my little Eden and look after my leafy green babies. On the eastern sides are my roses, my red, red roses.

That poet was great fool who said “Oh rose thou art sick”. My roses are never sick; they are the symbols of blooming any loving youth. On the northern side of my garden is my sun flower whose life is in tune with the sun.

I can’t really understand Blake who has said “Ah sunflowers. Weary of time”. My sun flowers are never weary. Every morning they live on hope hope for the sunrise, hope for a new glorious life.

In the western corner is my flowered-a colourful picture gallery of nature. It is a sight of Gods to see. And on the southern side are daliahs my favourite, brought from different parts of India.

They are the full cups of beauty. I cannot part with them, not for the world. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” says Keats, My flowers are the things of beauty and are a source of constant joy to me.

I feel for my garden, I feel for my plants and flowers. And nowhere I feel at home so much as I do in my little garden. Let the people go in their way with their own hobbies.

I will take my little cane seat in my garden and forget the world. I may be a worthless student. I am the monarch of all I survey in my garden. I am a God in my Eden.

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