Essay on Library in English

The library is the center of knowledge, where all kinds of books are collected. This is the place where all kinds of people sit together and study good books.

Library simply means, home for books. Useful books are collected here, which builds the character of man and progresses in life.

That is why good books are needed for a good library. A good collection of books and a good arrangement make good libraries.

The library enlarges our heart and enriches life. Here new flowers of knowledge bloom in our mind with the company of books and information; We get to learn new and old things of the country and abroad.

There are also valuable books in the library, which ordinary people cannot buy. Here we read valuable books at least cost. Illiteracy and illiteracy are removed from the library.

People in the neighborhood who see others studying in the library also start preparing for studies. In this way, illiterate people also get benefited.

Some people go to libraries for fun. But, the entertainment here is the entertainment of the joy of study. Thus, we can say that the library forms the character of man and benefits us in every way.

There are three types of libraries –

(a.) Personal Library

(b.) Public Libraries

(c) Government Library.

The organization of the personal library is done by the person who loves education. In this, according to his interest, he buys books and collects them by investing money. These books are used by his family members.

Public library is opened with the cooperation of common people and books are bought keeping in mind the benefit of the public. When a library is opened to the public by the Central Government or the State Government at its own expense, then it is called a State Library.

The National Library of Kolkata in India is the largest state library in the country. It is estimated to contain one million books. Library is very essential for the development of life.

Self-study makes us capable in every field of life and library is the means of self-study. Therefore, the establishment of more number of libraries will be considered as a proof of the progress of the country.

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