Essay on Importance of Books in English

Books are a storehouse of inspiration. Reading them awakens the feeling of doing some great work in life.

Books, on the one hand, end the feeling of jealousy, at the same time, along with awakening harmony, provide inspiration to work continuously.

Books played an important role in the freedom struggle of India. How many youths participated in the freedom movement by reading Maithilisharan Gupta’s Bharati-Bharati. According to a poet –

Trees incomplete without letters,

Man is incomplete without knowledge.

It is true, just as a tree is incomplete without leaves, in the same way human life is also incomplete without knowledge. The credit for bringing light in the utter darkness of life goes to books.

Books are really our friends. They are always ready to sacrifice their entire wealth on us. They also entertain us with their experiences. They do not take anything from us in return. Nor bother.

Lokmanya Tilak said – “I will welcome the best books even in hell because they have that power, where it will be, heaven will automatically be created.”

Books are the most powerful means of propagating any idea or feeling. Tulsidas’s ‘Ramcharitmanas’ and Vyasa’s ‘Mahabharata’ completely influenced their era and the centuries to come.

The knowledge of one generation through books is spread throughout the ages, reaching the next generation. If the knowledge of thousands of years ago was not in the books, then the knowledge would not reach till the coming ages.

Because of this, perhaps this scientific civilization would not have been born. It is only through books that one can understand the knowledge and culture of his ancestors. Books are not only informative but also helpful in entertainment.

They give true happiness like a friend. We are alone in entertainment through books, that’s why the enjoyment of entertainment is more than that of television.

That is why books are also called domestic companions. That is why someone has said – Books are the awakened gods. By serving them, immediate boon can be obtained.

We cannot know the great men of the world as much as we can through books, even by staying close to them. Spending time with good books is an integral part of the life of great men. For learned men, books are their property.

Wise men spend their time in the study of poetry, but fools waste their time in sleeping. So we should also spend our time in book study. It is our moral obligation to use books properly. To protect books is to respect knowledge and practice.

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