Friendship Essay in English For All Students

Friendship Essay in English

Essay on Friendship in English

Friendship grows between persons of the same age and disposition. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Fortune brings friends but adversity tress them.

We should be very cautious about selecting friends. We should cultivate friendship with persons of character so that there may not be split when friendship has advanced.

True friend lasts till death and does not fluctuate from time to time. True friendship is a solace and boon.

In this world of suffering and toil. Friendship is a great boon. “It is but a name, a charm that lulls to sleep.’ ‘ But real friendship is a very rare thing in world.

There are many people who are credulous and easily influenced by reports and whisper can never make good friends. “Whispering tongues can poison truth.”

Friends must be able to share each other’s aims, hopes, aspirations, dislikes, sorrows and pleasures. A friend is that who sticketh closer than a brother.

Selfless love, devotion, mutual sympathy, loyalty, consistency and toleration are indispensable to true friendship.

Friendship is an invisible bond of affection that knits the two souls together, it is a bond of secret sympathy, body and soul.

Since friends exercise such an incalculable influence upon our our life, who should take great care in the choice of our friends.

We must remember that “a full purse never lacks friends.” “Prosperity gains friends, but adversity tries them” Fair weather friends fall off like leaves in winter, when we fall in evil days and when fortune falls to pieces and riches take wings.

A true friend must stick to us through thick and thin. He clings to us even though we might have been redressed to object poverty.

He heals the wounds of our life by his ‘heavenly sympathy.’ It has been truly said, “A friend in need is friend indeed.”

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