Essay on Television in English

invention of television

Television is a wonderful marvel of science. The credit for its invention is given to John Baird. The BBC in London started regular television service in 1936 AD.

Essay on Television

Public TV was first broadcast in America in 1939 AD. Since then it has been continuously developed and used till date.

Its popularity grew so much in Britain and America that it became a part of daily life there.

Then gradually it was spread all over Europe. Color television broadcasting began in America in 1954. Due to this its popularity spread all over the world.

television in india

It was inaugurated in India on 15 September 1959 by the then President Dr Rajendra Prasad in Delhi. In those days 30-30 minutes were broadcast 2 days a week.

Collective television sets were installed by the government in Delhi’s schools and adjoining panchayats, from which entertainment and educational programs were broadcast.

Then programs like health, family planning, national integration, social development, puppet drama etc. were broadcast.

Then, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi took television far and wide in India’s towns and villages.

In fact, now like America and England, its popularity has increased in this country too and it has spread like a trap all around.

It has also become an integral part of our daily life. Television has often overtaken radio in cities. It is being promoted from house to house.

radio and television

Where audio (sound) is broadcast in radio, there is broadcast of visual (picture) along with audio in television. This is its biggest feature.

New experiments are being done in this direction. Its utility is increasing, so it has the most economic importance among scientific inventions.


Doordarshan is a registered name in India for ‘Television’. The government has accepted the same name, but in practice TV is used more in place of Doordarshan. Even small children are called by this name. All educated or illiterate people use this name.


The summary is that television, television or television is a wonderful miracle invention of science.

You have made the whole world into a world family by enclosing it in small boxes. By uniting cinema and radio, he has done great service in the development of the world, man, society, art, literature and science.

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