Paragraph Writing Tricks (Best Method to Write a Paragraph)


A paragraph may be defined as a group of sentences relating to a single topic, OF developing a Single central idea. It may be long or short. But it should be written in as many words as asked in a particular examination.

Hints on the Paragraph Structure :

1. Unity of Thought: A paragraph should deal with only one idea. The idea may be briefly expressed in the very first sentence of the paragraph.

This sentence is sometimes called the topical or key sentence. This idea is elaborated in the rest of the paragraph and concluded in the last sentence.

2. Order : To achieve unity of thought, there must be logical order in which the idea is allowed to develop. One thought must logically lead to another.

Each sentence should look like a step and be the preceding and the following sentence.

3. Coherence : Certain Conjunctions and ‘coherence words’ such as Hence, but, and, so, therefore, or, then are used to maintain the continuity of thought.

4. Variety : Different types of sentence patterns should be used to give a variety in the paragraph. The sentences should be long and short, simple and complex, direct and involved.

But students are advised to use the sentence patterns they can use without any difficulty.


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