Visit to an Exhibition Essay in English

Once an exhibition was held at Pragati Maidan for the purpose of promoting trade by making it popular in public.

The exhibition maintains the direct contact of the manufacturer with public. Almost all the states of India had taken part in this exhibition.

The industries had brought their electrical and mechanical devices for domestic purposes. Very small items of daily use were on display.

Essay on a Visit to an Exhibition in English

These stalls of the different states had their guides and demonstrator to let people know how to satisfy the customers by their politeness and clear explanation of their items.

The sale of the product begins when customers are satisfied. I was very much impressed by the iron presses, room heaters, water heaters, vacuum cleaners along with sewing machines which could do embroidery besides stitching.

The stalls having toys and the goods for children drew huge crowds. The book stalls also attracted children because foreign publishers had displayed their colourful books for children.

Exhibition are thus to promote trade better than the advertisements on television or cinema screen or radio.

There were some restaurants also where the people could take rest and tea to refresh themselves.

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