Terrorism Essay in English

Terrorizing someone on the strength of force and getting someone to act against his will or doing his own arbitrariness is called terror.

This type of trend is coming in the society since ancient times and is still there today.

The strong have always been terrorizing the weak and the weak have been forced to weep over their helplessness.

Terrorism Essay in English

When the mentality of doing this becomes the philosophy of an organized group for the fulfillment of some purpose, then it is called terrorism.

In fact, terrorism is synonymous with the extremism and anti-socialism of a few people who turn their heads against the collective interest.

When we talk about the terror of thieves, terror of robbers, terror of criminals etc., then clearly there is no philosophy here but it is a matter of selfishness.

Therefore, the terror of thieves or bandits cannot be termed as terrorist. Terrorism is called politics when terrorism becomes the objective of achieving a political goal.

Which simply means getting power on the strength of terror. Such work is done by those who are less in strength and ability but are badly afflicted with higher ambitions.

Those who dreamed of separating Punjab from the country and fulfilling their ambitions by becoming the President, Prime Minister etc.

tried to terrorize the people by creating a cycle of killings by giving the slogan of separate Khalistan.

Presently the politics of terrorism is going on to isolate Kashmir in the same style. The misguided youth there are dying at the behest of Pakistanis.

The Pakistani conspiracy to separate Kashmir and eventually merge it with Pakistan in the name of religion has now been exposed on the international stage and India is giving a befitting reply.

Not only India but many countries of the world are affected by the politics of terrorism.

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