Space Travel Essay in English – Best For Students

Today is the era of science. We travel by tram, cars, bus, planes and space. Space craft is the fastest vehicle.

It is meant for the staunch and bold scientists to find out certain truths in planets.

We have reached the moon by it. These scientists have discovered certain truths on the Moon. They discover whether the moon is fit for us to live on it.

Space Travel Essay in English

They go there with oxygen. The higher we go, the thinner air we get. So we have to go there with oxygen. Oxygen is a must for life.

Short Essay on Space Travel

In the beginning many have begun their lives. Now they are trying to reach some other planets. The stars are too hot for man to reach these.

We fail to reach them. Some stars are too high for man too reach them. The earth where we live is the shortest planet.

Here the planets will do. It is not meant to carry passengers or goods. Here is an accommodation of two or three persons only.

To travel by space is risky. A trained alone can travel by it: It does not land on the ground. A special ground on seashore is made for its flight also.

It is equipped with all scientific materials. They are very expensive. A poor country can’t afford to send spacecrafts.

Its pilots are quite different from those of planes. So we should specially I do not think of travelling by space. It may be used for some other purposes.

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