My Aim in Life Essay in English

There is no man without some aim in life. But this aim differs from man to man. As our tastes differ so our aims vary. Someone likes to be a trader while other likes to be school teacher.

Every work is done with some hope or aim. This hope or aim is basis of Man’s success. If a man has no aim any in life, then he has no interest in life.

Without it no success can be had in walk of life. All the great men had some high aim in life. Really man without aim is like a ship without rudder.

As for myself, I should not like to be a rich man. I do not prefer a profession which would make me a machine of earning money.

My aim in life is the service of the people. Service to mankind is the service of God. I can do this service best if I become a doctor.

We know that our free country aims at improving the health of the people. So in every five year plan there is the scheme as to improve the national health.

Our country is backward in the field of medical science. There is the death of doctors to make this noble aim of the government successful.

It is our sacred duty to help in the progress our country. We have to improve the conditions of our people and come on par with other countries of the world.

Every Indian has the responsibility of the national build up. This noble service of our motherland cannot be done with mere words.

Preaching is easy but practice is difficult. I want to make this aim of my life successful. I shall serve the patients with love and care.

There is great happiness in self service. I shall give special care to the poor, the lame the blind and the helpless. I do not want much wealth in life.

I shall be content with whatever my honest and sincere service will give. I shall live a life of simplicity and high thinking. I shall be happy to have a small income but a dignified life.

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