Kindness to Animals Essay in English for Animal Lovers

Kindness to Animals

God created both men and animals in the world. He wanted them to live in peace and happiness. But men have always been selfish.

They started killing animals for food. Gradually he learnt the art of growing food grains. Even then they did not stop killing animals.

Today we kill animals for both food and pleasure. Jungles are being cut. Human population is growing fast. But the population of animals is going down.

Kindness to Animals Essay for All Students

Time has come for us to think that animals are not our enemies. They are our friends. We must be kind to them. Some people are cruel at heart.

They are very unkind to birds and animals. A cart-driver beats his bullocks. He puts them to heavy work even though they are weak, hungry and thirsty.

Sometimes a washer-man treats his donkey unkindly. An animal cannot speak to us. It does not protest against ill-treatment. It obeys us silently.

If not, we beat it badly. A dog, for example, is our friend. It serves us day and night. But how many of us take care of it ? A cow, a horse, a camel, an elephant and others are useful animals: We should not-be cruel to them.

How can we show our kindness to them? Animals may be hungry and thirsty. We must give them food and water. We should take care of domestic animals on cold nights.

During the rains we leave the animals under the open sky. Our animals do all kinds of services to us. But we do not try to know whether they are ill or well.

Sometimes people kill birds and animals for food or fun. All this must stop. The domestic animals are like the members of our family.

We must have sympathy for them. Our first duty is to protect animals and birds. They should not be killed. If we go on killing them, some of the wild animals will disappear from the earth in some years.

There are institutions and societies to protect animals. We must support those people who work for the safety of animals.

People should be told not to be cruel to our friends. All animals are our friends. They look to us for help and mercy. We should not be selfish.

We have to be large hearted. In no case we should try to harm them. God has created them as He has created us. Our heart must be filled with love and kindness for them.

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