If I were a chief minister Essay in English

The Chief Minister is the most responsible man in a state. He wins election and comes to the council of state. He is the leader of the majority party in the council of the state.

chief minister Essay in English

He chooses his cabinet ministers to run the administration of the state. If I become the Chief Minister of my state I would also choose my Cabinet Ministers and see that they work honestly for the welfare of the state.

No minister of my cabinet will be unfair. I shall be devoted to my duties and to my state. I shall serve my state selflessly.

It will be my efforts to depend the fame and name of my state from the evil doings of man. The Police officers will have my instruction to deal with the problems firmly and strongly.

I shall try at my level for the all around development of my state. It will be my efforts to make education free for all up to senior secondary level.

Science and technological colleges will be opened for more technical hands. There will be industrial and agricultural development for the betterment of the society and men.

The agricultural and industrial development will improve economic condition of men. I shall try to find out more job opportunities for more and to do away with the problem of unemployment.

Regarding my national policy I shall see that nothing hinders to have good relations with the central government. In having good relationship with other states my state will enjoy equal status.

It will be my efforts to see that my state rises higher and higher economically, politically and socially in the eyes of the nation.

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