Essay on Social Evils in English Language

We are not as yet sufficiently alive to our social evils. Social evils do more harm than our indifference to them lead us suppose.

The caste system is doing considerable harm even these days. It stands in the way of national and emotional integration of the people of India.

Now many Indians are in high positions. Swayed by caste considerations many of them are guilty of favoritism in making appointment and giving promotions.

Social Evils Essay in English Language

Untouchability has not yet disappeared. The caste system and untouchability create a sense of social inferiority among majority of the Hindus.

Universal secondary education, Universal employment, a uniform rise in the standard of living and energetic propaganda and campaign against caste syster and against untouchability may remove these evils within a decade or two The caste system is anti-social. So is untouchability.

Although widow remarriage has been legalised for nearly a century the majority of so called high caste Hindu observe the custom of enforced widowhood.

Child marriage continues among vast sections of the India community. The dowry system is another great social evil.

The absence of family planning or birth control is another great socia evil. Too many people are becoming a problem and a curse for India.

We have no sense of the excess of numbers in matter of population. Uncontrolled increase in population will be the ruin of India.

It will nullify and neutralize our Five year plans. It is our greatest social evil. Extravagance in celebrating births and marriage and other occasions causes widespread indebtedness.

Our social evils sap the strength and vigour of our national life. These enhance, bribery and corruption in administration, hoarding and black marketing, unscientific and uneconomic methods in agriculture, food adulteration and adulteration of medicine, widespread illiteracy and unnecessary litigation.

Many superstitions also do a lot of harm socially. We shall become an enlightened society by successfully removing our social evils.

Increase of crime communalism, provincialism, wrong mental and emotional reactions are other social evils which are doing a good ideal of harm to our social life.

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