Essay on Science in English For Students

What do we mean when we talk about a new dimension of science? What were the old dimensions of science? What is the difference with the new dimension? These questions come before us.

Only a scientist can give the correct and scientific answer to these questions. But broadly we mean the new dimension of science with those latest scientific achievements, before which the old achievements seem small.

Essay on Science in English

Essay on Science in English

New dimensions of science are seen in two areas – (1.) theory, (2.) invention.

In the field of theory, Albert Einstein can be considered the father of a new dimension of science.

Einstein broke Newton’s theories and presented a new theory of the theory of relativity, which changed the traditional concept of science.

It was carried forward in the field of thought or theory and Indian scientist Jayanta Vishnu Narvikar gave it another new dimension.

In this way Indian scientist Khurana discovered genes in the field of zoology and this opened the door to new explorations in reproductive science.

Today we read in the newspapers that elephants can be created from rats or two people with the same face can be created by changing China.

This suggests that the control of reproduction is no longer in the hands of the latent being or process called God. By the grace of God, now neither the crop nor the children are born.

In every field, man has started getting things according to his wish. He can get a son or a daughter, can get an arbitrary crop from the field. By cross breeding, improved variety of flowers, fruits and grains can be grown.

Can change their shape, taste, quality etc. The scientific knowledge required for such work. He was not with man till yesterday.

Today these achievements remain a symbol of a new area of ​​his knowledge horizon.

The ideas or techniques developed by science theoretically are used in the invention of things. Today’s world has become a scientific invention.

Let’s talk about the computer first. The invention of computer has changed our entire functioning. Today the utility of computer is visible in every walk of life.

Computers are being used for accurate and authentic data and facts in every field like banks, government offices, hospitals, education, science, printing.

If it is helping to stop rigging and malpractices, then the work of months is being done in days. Computer is playing an important role in extracting examination results and evaluation of answer sheets.

Today computer has made a revolution in the form of electronic media. Doordarshan and Internet have done wonders as a result of the development of electronics in the field of communication, everyone from the rich to the poor are benefiting from the convenience and potential of this medium.

Such use of science in the service of the common man was beyond estimation. Where complex tasks are being performed by supercomputers, the distance and time have been reduced.

With the help of the Internet, a person sitting in one corner of the world can easily get information about the other corner. This facility was not accessible till yesterday.

Building satellites and launching into space is common business today. With the help of them, we have started to know the secrets of space.

We have come from the moon and have landed our vehicles on other planets also.

It is possible that tomorrow we will also visit Mars and Jupiter. In the field of strategic weapons, we were familiar with airplanes and bombs till yesterday. We have seen the Anu bombings.

Going beyond this, we have now started making biological weapons, have made various ranged launches and have developed the method of remote control, which can create havoc even sitting at home.

In a nutshell, we have developed that new dimension of science where we are piling up the facilities by making one more material means and on the other we have also developed the material of destruction in the same quantity.

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Science Essay in English

Science has done great wonders in the world. It has given man great powers. With these powers man is challenging God.

He is to search out the secret of Nature. He had conquered Time, Distance and space. He is not satisfied with it. He is preparing to conquer planets like Moon, Venus and Mars.

Science has revolutionized human life. In ancient time man lived on agriculture. His life was rural till the eighteenth century, he did everything with his hands.

But the 19th century made a big march in the field of agriculture and industry, the steam engine was discovered by Watt and the spinning wheel was made by Jenning.

These were wonders at that time. In the field of industry science performed great wonders. Mills and factories are set up.

Ships and trains started moving with power. Great towns came into being, computer and Laser printing is the latest wonder of science.

Today medical science has done great wonders. There is not a single area disease which is not cured by it. Wonderful medicines have been invented which save thousands of life.

Many difficult operations are done today. X-rays is a great wonder. The days are not far off when the issueless will get children.

Science is translating impossibility into possibility. It makes the hottest season cool and the coldest season warm. Electricity is of great service. It illumines our darkest nights.

Electric bulbs become our nearest stars. Radio, Cinema and T.V. are the means of pleasure today. They have made our life pleasanter than before.

Internet, Telephone and wireless telegraphy are other wonders. We sit in our private room and talk with an American or a Londoner.

They have become popular means of information. Whatever happens in world can be heard and seen at home.

Today we have several means of swift communications. There are railways trains, motor-cars, airplane, ships, jets and rockets.

They have made the distance very short, the world is small than before. A man can breakfast in London and dinner in Bombay.

What a miracle it is. Television is another modern wonder. Science has performed countless of Miracles. The rockets and sputniks take man to distant planets beyond atmosphere.

Science has brought great comforts for us. We can press a button and get our food prepared in electric oven. We can handle a machine and all accounts are solved.

Science has done another by removing human ignorance, superstition and narrowness. It has brought the people nearer to understand each other fully.

It has made our outlook imaginative and broad. We look at human problems in a detached and impartial way. We are reasonable and wise.

Thus science is going to bring heaven on earth. But if science is allowed to cause suffering and destruction, if it is let
loose without the control dictated by moral and human considerations, then it becomes a bad master.

To be morally backward but scientifically advanced is not blessing, but a curse. Like free science is a good servant but a bad master.

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