Essay on Reading Books in English Language

At our age reading is necessarily limited. Moreover many of us are not great readers. My reading has so far been confined to few books.

I found a collection of Premchand’s stories for excellent reading. I also read with keen interest Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare.

Hindi translation of some Bengali novels also appealed to me. Another book which I read with pleasure was Pavitra Papi (Hindi) by Nanak Singh.

Reading Books Essay in English

These books have trained thousands of boys and girls. But the most interesting book that I have read is the Ram Charit Manas by Tulsidas.

The book has rightly been called the Bible of mankind. Tulsidas lived in the golden age of Akbar the Great. At about the same time in England Shakespeare was writing his immortal plays.

Essay on Benefits of Reading Books in English

What is the sacred of the charm of the Ram Charit Manas, popularly known as the Ramayana ?

First of all there is the inspired ease of simplicity of style. Tulsidas was a saint and his poetry has a nectared accent.

The melody of the Ramayan takes ear and heart captive. The poem is life-like. What is more it is also life-giving.

We feel, while reading the poem, that our life is being enriched. Tulsidas has great power as a narrative poet.

The story of the Ramayan is fascinating one. Then there is the charm of human relationship appealingly depicted in the Ramayana the love of father and son, mother and son, brother and brethren, husband and wife.

In the Ramayan, there are animal characters who are also human e.g. Hanuman, Jamwant, Jatayu and Angada.

Tulsidas is unrivalled in making his character alive and real. The demnos of the Rakshasas have also been vividly presented.

Tulsidas succeeds remarkably well in creating the right atmosphere of the scenes painted by him in this great poem.

The thoughts, the emotions and the inner character of men and women and of the other personage of the poem are made real and convincing by the magic pen of Tulsidas.

We not only read the poem but we also love the poem; so effective is the style. This poem is full of nobility of feeling and thought.

It uplifts us. It humanizes us and it has a touch of divinity. It has joy, moral, power, pathos and the play of other human feeling and emotions.

It is among the few great books of the world.

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