Essay on Patriotism in English

According to Bismark “Patriotism is the highest ideal of life. It is the most sacred for a citizen.”

Patriotism preserves liberty of the nation. It is an incentive for social, economic and political progress.

Every man is indebted to his motherland. For she provides him with food and water and sustains his life.

So he has to pay his debt by his nobel services for her. He must be loyal and devoted to her.

Patriotism Essay in English

Essay on Patriotism in English

If his countrymen are in suffering and danger he has to do a lot. A true patriot does not fear to sacrifice even his life for the same of his mother country.

Patriotism becomes absurd when it exceeds its proper limits. When it becomes narrow and selfish, it loses all its noble virtues. When selfish, they extend the power of their country and attack other countries.

The liberty of other nation is in danger. Ruskin has said that “Patriotism is an absurd prejudice founded on an extended selfishness.” Hitler thought Germans to be a superior race.

He wanted to rule other people for the good of his countrymen. This made him a false patriot.

He brought the world war and great misery. A patriot should make his country happy and powerful.

He should glorify his mother country. But the attitude of “My country right or wrong” is a wrong attitude.

He must know that his country is not the only country in the world. He is a member of a large human family.

His country is a member of family of nations. Therefore his duties and responsibilities are not limited to his country men.

He has to remember that the interest of his country are interlinked with those of others. Hence blind patriotism is a road to ruin.

It must be guided by reason, morality and intellecutal culture. Today the meaning of Patriotism has become broad.

It means love of truth and Non violence. It teaches us that if we are breaking point, we have to take arms and give them the right reply.

They must be paid back in their own coins. What’s the use of looking up to the U.N.O. for the solution of the Kashmir problem.

When that organisation is a huge farce ? Can’t we solve the problem for ourselves ? A problem is a problem so long we fear the problem.

It is no longer a problem when we face it bravely and squarely. Let the youths of the country face it with the courage and determination and the problem will vanish into the thin air.

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