Essay on My House in English For Students

My house is situated in a new colony. There are for rooms in it. It has a Kitchen, a lavatory, a bath-room and balcony.

It has windows and big doors. It is airy and ventilated. I have decorated all the rooms with pictures and paintings. The drawing room has got a sofa set and the dining table with six chairs.

This is the room where we sit usually and visitors are also welcomed in this room. There are two ceiling fans. One cooler is fixed in one of the windows.

The other rooms are very small. My family. members sleep in these rooms, The kitchen is on the left. corner. It is airy and ventilated.

I live with my grandfather and grandmother in one room Where I study also. My house is in a four storyed building. It is on the third floor.

It is built of bricks and cement. It is painted in the gray colour at the outside and white from within.

My house is very comfortable. It has got all the facilities the water, electric and others. My parents also like this house.

They love to spend more and more time in it. My mother keeps it clean and tidy.

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