Essay on Inflation in English

The simple formula of the world of economics is that when the quantity of a consumer commodity decreases or decreases and there are more people taking it, then its price will increase.

This price decreases when there is an excess of the commodity or reaches its normal level.

But it is often seen that the increase in price in abnormal condition does not decrease in normal condition and this condition of ever increasing becomes a permanent trend.

This permanent trend of price rise is inflation. If we consider the historical nature of inflation in our country, we find that during the Second World War this trend was manifested in a severe form due to the lack of commodities.

People had to get even clothes from quota and had to eat in the dark due to lack of oil. The prices of some items had skyrocketed.

But this situation ended after the war and after the independence of the country. After independence, during the Indo-China war in 162, again there was tension on our economy and price rise started.

The additional burden on the economy after the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and then the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and 1999 affected our economy and price rise started developing as a trend.

In the last two to three decades, due to the grace of the leaders, corruption has got an opportunity to flourish in this country.

Taking donations for elections, directly and indirectly, for various rallies and events has become a common trend.

Most of these donations were collected from traders. At some places, money was being spent on politicians by traders for their own benefit.

To make up for all these extra expenses, the merchant class started increasing the prices.

Similarly, the involvement of criminal elements in politics has increased in the last two decades. These criminal elements have become lions wearing the skin of politics.

Here, gradually over a decade, the business of kidnapping has also started flourishing, which has become a Kamdhenu industry in the last years. Most of the kidnappings are happening of traders or their sons.

Big money is being taken from them. Bribery has become an accepted trend in the last decades.

From peon to officer, 99 percent of the people are either bribe takers or commission takers.

Offering worship to work remains an undeclared rule. One side of this character degradation is to earn money and the other side is to buy luxury items with that money.

As a result, there has been an increased tendency to spend money on items related to luxuries or to consider them as symbols of social status.

This has affected the prices of consumer goods and the tendency to profit from them is increasing in line with the trend.

Due to the strong hold of the trade unions, there has been a continuous increase in the tendency to get more and more facilities not only in the productive factories but also in the jobs of the government machinery.

Dearness allowance should be increased. For this strike, sabotage has become common. If there is loss of working days due to strike, then there is economic loss due to sabotage.

If the industrialists increase the prices to compensate for this loss, then its direct effect falls on the consumers.

This means that the simple formula of economics is now entangled in the complexity of sociology.

Several factors together have contributed to the increase in imports. These reasons have had a direct impact on essential commodities like food, clothes and due to the continuous increase in prices, the population is suffering.

There is no guarantee that the price of the goods this month will remain the same next month. There is no shortage of goods but the price definitely increases.

All efforts by the government or by the people’s movements to reduce or curb it are becoming insignificant. Our government must address inflation by paying special attention to it.

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