Essay on Indian Festivals in English For Students

India is a country of festivals. Every festival belonging to any religion comes to us with all pleasures, ceremonies and charms.

Every festival has got its own importance. In every festival delicious food is prepared. It gives us joys.

All festivals come to us with a certain mission. We must not make festivals expensive.

In “EID” we embrace each other and show our great pleasures. Eid is an Arabic word which means happiness. It also brings joys everywhere.

Essay on Indian Festivals in English

We have to forget and forgive our past betterments. The festivals are either religious festivals of Hindus. They are celebrated all over India according to the beliefs of different sects.

Diwali is celebrated because Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after wining over Ravana, after fourteen years of exile.

House are being cleaned. Goddess of Laxmi is worshipped, nice dishes are prepared and houses illuminated. Some people gamble.

In Dusheran nine days victuals and fasting are done in worship to Devi Durga. On the day of Dushera Ram Lila is formed to show Ram-Ravana war. This festivals teaches that the Evil one day meets its end positively.

Holi is a social festivals. It is celebrated in full pomp and show by using colours and gulal. It is a festivals of joy and gaiety.

Delicious food is also prepared in this festivals, intoxication is also prominent in this festivals. Festivals are necessary for the relaxation of man in his busy life.

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