Essay on Holidays in English For All Students

Holidays bring great joy and relief. They break the monotony of our everyday life. We have to work hard when our school session is on.

So we get tired. We wait for the holidays eagerly. We make plans for spending the holidays. A long vacation gives us freedom from the boredom of our daily life.

It brings a welcome change in our dull life. We can spend the vacations as we wish. During the vacation we are free from the monotony of our college life.

So, we look forward to the vacation impatiently. Recently I have enjoyed the summer vacation. When my college broke up for the summer vacation, I took a sign of relief.

Just before the vacation my half-yearly examination was held. I had worked hard for my examination. So, I was completely exhausted.

Essay on Holidays in English

I wanted to have some rest. I wished to get rid of the dull routine of college life. As soon as my college was closed I started for home.

When I reached home, I learnt that my father was going to Delhi to attend a marriage party. I persuaded him to let me accompany with him, he agreed to take me to Delhi.

My joy new no bounds. I made preparations for the journey. I went to Delhi with my father. We attended the marriage party.

We stayed in Delhi for five days. I saw the Red Fort, the Jama Mosque, the KutubMinar, the Palam Airport, the Parliament house, the Radio Station and Jantar Mantar.

During the return journey I visited Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Allahabad and Varanasi. The extraordinary beauty of the Taj Mahal filled me with joy.

When I returned home, I took rest for few days. Then I decided to read books. I spent most of my time in my orchard.

I delighted in regarding my books in the cool shade of trees. Every day I ate delicious mangoes to my heart’s content.

I did an important social work during the vacation. There was no library in my village. One day I told my friend that we must have a library in our village.

They appreciated my idea. We started collecting books and money. We found a room of the library and arranged the books.

The people of my village started visiting the library. The days were passing so happily that I was filled with sorrow when the vacation came to an end.

It seemed to me that the vacation had passed swiftly. I took leave of my parents and friends and started for my college with heavy heart.

I had mixed feeling of joy and sorrow at the time of the opening of college. I missed the company of my parents but was delighted to see my friends after the long vacation.

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