Essay on Football Game in English

One of the most popular sports of the world, football is my favourite game. I like it the best because it is a mainly game which gives good exercise to all parts of the body.

My teachers have impressed upon me the need to have a sound mind in a sound body and the only way to keep our body sound is by giving exercise to all parts of it.

Essay on Football

This we can do at minimum cost if we play football. It is inexpensive when compared to games like cricket.

Football can be played anywhere in the open and at any time we like.

Essay on My Favourite Game Football

In some countries they play football in flood listadia. All that we require to play the germe is football and a place to play.

Cricket needs wicket, bats, pads, balls among other things. We cannot play hockey unless we have the sticks. Basketball needs the special court.

Tennis and badminton are games that need requests and specially prepared courts. Football is the least inexpensive  game of all and hence suited to all.

That is one of the many reasons why it is so very popular all over the world, it is also a more vigorous game than cricket.

Cricket is more a gentleman’s game played very leisurely. An hour’s real football leaves us much more refreshed and satisfied than several hours of cricket.

Football is a team game where all the eleven players are important. It gives us ample scope to run about to kick the ball and to shoot goals.

It provides a healthy outlet for our extra energy and so we feel much better after a game of football. Since it is played in the open, the players get plenty of fresh air.

I value football more. than other games because it has greatly helped in shaping my character. At school we studied a poem which ended — What are they but inanities to him that treads the pitch.

These lines come to my mind often when I am on the field. A sense of healthy competition and commandership is much more important than cups or medals we may win.

A true sportsman is an asset to the nation because in an emergency he can be depended upon. He is not selfish. He knows the value of discipline.

Team games like football have taught him now important co-operation is to score a goal or to play the game. It is team spirit that we need in almost all spheres of life.

More than that we are physically fit any arduous job. We are not timid or shy. It is my sincere wish that more people should take to playing this game.

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