Essay on Flood in English ( Read & Learn )

Hearing about flood I along with so many men went to the bridge of Kalighat over Bagmati and saw the flood scene.

On reaching there I found that there was a great rush of spectators. The government servants and policemen were trying their best to check the men to go ahead. I stood upon the roof of a jeep which was standing on the bridge.

The water in river was flowing with a great speed, a ball was also floating with the thatch. On the other side I saw that a buffalo was floating fast, with the current of water This buffalo was living because she used to raise her head now and then Some goats were also floating.

Flood Essay in English Language

They too were living and so their bleating was also heard from the bridge. Some people at the risk of their lives had spread a very big and strong net.

The river was roaring. It was difficult to hear the voice of persons standing nearby. The river was engulfing mercilessly the animate and the inanimate objects.

A very horrible scene was seen by the people from the bridge. A woman was floating with a baby in her arms. People tried to save her but in vain. The flood did a great harm to the people.

Thousands of people became homeless as their houses were destroyed owing to flood. So many men and women young and old were swept away.

So many people became poor as they could not remove their valuables which were destroyed with their houses.

The farmer has to suffer a great loss on amount of this flood. They were expecting a very good harvest this year but all the prosperous crops were swept away by the flood.

So many trees were uprooted. This flood created a very horrible scene. All the officers were ordered to reach the spot and to their best to help these persons.

The Government ambulance cars were running from this place to that to pick up the sick or wounded persons.

The doctors were sent to the spot who were rendering first aid to the people wounded.

The Government also rushed food stuff to the flood affected areas. In those areas which were surrounded by water on all sides, food packets were dropped down from aeroplanes.

Some boats were also arranged by the Government to help the people of such areas.

The Chief Minister also visited the flood affected areas and deputed special officers to render the best services to the flood victims.

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