Environment Essay in English For All Classes

Food, water and air are needed for physical nutrition, mental development and life. That is why it becomes necessary to understand the importance of cleanliness of water and air.

Caution and sensitivity have become imperative for the human beings who are rapidly setting the steps of modern scientific achievements.

If there is still no sense of human being towards the environment, then the day is not far when the entire creation will fall into the quagmire of destruction.

Essay on Environment in English

Environment Essay in English

Environment is nothing but our surroundings. Economic differences have political and social as well as cultural environment and this too is in no less worrying situation today.

This reference to the environment has become most important today because its ill-effects are directly reducing the distance between life and death.

Earth, water, fire, sky and air. The importance of purity of these elements never diminishes for this body created from these five elements. There is a need for balance in these.

Short Essay on Environment in English

Trees, plants, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, animals, insects, insects, etc. together help in keeping the environment balanced.

The wonders of modern scientific achievements began to see nature as a challenge and it was grossly ignored and neglected.

The indiscriminate experiments of cutting trees, killing of animals and birds, dumping waste in rivers and streams, construction of big dams, etc. have really put the environment in danger.

People started to believe that having more trees is the proof of backwardness of a country. In their place, the chimneys of the mills should be visible.

But today it has become clear that except trees, humanity cannot last long with the help of chimneys.

The importance of the life of predatory animals like tigers and lions is also being understood now and their slaughter has also been declared a punishable offence.

It has become clear that there are benefits from big dams, but the amount of losses due to their effect is also unimaginable.

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