Essay on Computer in English For Students

Computer is the new wonder among the wonders brought by science. Computer means computer-machine.

But modern computers not only do calculations, but also multiply symbols of any kind.

They predict the weather, solve complex math problems, closely study and send messages about every change in space, control continental missiles, give early warning of storms.

They collect and preserve many types of information, keep records of workers in factories, holidays and accidents and do many such tasks which were impossible for humans without computers.

Computer Essay in English

Computer is also important for common people, workers and students. There are many differences in the shape and function of computers as per the requirement. They also differ in size. Too big and too small.

Nowadays the use of computers is increasing day by day. Computers have been called giant brains by the common man, which can do or imitate many of the things that the human brain does.

The best medium of communication is the brain, but the smallest computer. The brain can collect more information. Life has become computerized with the development of electronic science.

Computers have become more and more part of everyday life. It can be said that tomorrow will be the era of computers. Initially computers were built to calculate mathematical numbers.

But soon it was developed in the form of “smriti” inscriptions. Now they are being developed for personal and domestic work, office and factory work.

Two mechanical hands have been added to the computers. This led to the development of robots.

Robots are now working not only in industry but also in offices, hospitals and shops.

Japan has taken a leading position in the manufacture of these robots. Today in Russia robots are working in farms, gardens and factories.

Robots in America not only work on machines, but also supervise workers working on machines.

If they see any laxity in their work, they also warn them. An exhibition in Chicago featured a robot that made hair like a barber.

In West Germany, such machines have been made humans (robots) who work together like friends and also interact with each other.

Japan has made a ‘robot’ of Nileken rubber which is similar to a real human and it feels sensation in the body on touch, similar to a human.

Astrologer robot has been made in America which can solve all astrological problems. Japan has succeeded in developing a robot that can market instruments like humans.

Robot is the champion in the game of chess. In hospitals, these robots talk to human patients and diagnose their diseases by testing them with instruments.

India has also entered the field of electronics and robot manufacturing but the work done is less than expected. In 1978, the Bhabha Research Center built an arm that could act on a signal in a radio-activated room.

In 1980, the Hyderabad Science Society tried to make a robot that could operate multiple machines simultaneously. Bengaluru-based IBS company has developed a microcomputer for home use.

It can store 16000 to 32000 words in its memory. All its instruments are native except the chip. Computers have entered almost all the departments of the government.

Computers were installed in Life Insurance Corporation in 1966. At that time a storm arose against them due to unemployment.

But today they are being installed in banks, power houses, telephones and all other departments.

Soon robots in our country will start working with people in factories. In the near future, the use of computer in our country India will increase even more.

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