Essay on Charity in English (Best Essay)

Charity Essay in English

Philanthropy is a social emotion. Our social life is happy and safe with this support. It is from the spirit of benevolence that we selflessly help our colleagues, friends, acquaintances and the unfamiliar.

In fact man is one whose heart is full of human qualities. He should have compassion and compassion for others. Siddhartha became sad after seeing the sorrow of the people in his childhood.

In his heart a feeling of relief from this misery arose and eventually he also told people how to get rid of this misery.

Essay on Charity in English For All Students

There was nothing but philanthropy behind it. Siddhartha renounced all his pleasures for others and became known as Gautama Buddha.

Nature also teaches us philanthropy. The sun gives us light, the moon gives coolness by stripping its moonlight, the wind flows at a constant speed, gives us life and the rain water makes the earth green and makes our agriculture flow.

We should also adopt the spirit of philanthropy by accepting philanthropy from nature. India is a world famous for its philanthropic tradition.

Lord Shankar himself took the trouble of the earth after drinking poison found in the ocean. Maharishi Dadhichi had donated even the bones of his body to destroy the demons.

Importance of Charity Essay in English

The welfare of another expands the philanthropist’s soul. The soul attains true bliss by doing charity. The philanthropist experiences supernatural bliss.

This enjoyment of philanthropy cannot be compared to material pleasures. Jesus Christ once told his disciples – “Though selfishly outwardly looks happy, but his mind remains unhappy and anxious.” The philanthropists get true happiness.

All the human beings in the world today are worthy of being called great men, they all had virtues of benevolence. The truth is that it was from the spirit of philanthropy that he was brought up in the category of great men.

Philanthropy makes life meaningful. Therefore, we should also become philanthropists. Always be ready to help others. This is the meaning of life.

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