The Environmental Pollution Essay in English

An Essay on Environment Pollution in English

The activity that a man introduces in his daily life has two consequences –

1. Goal achievement,

2 . Abandon of filth.

Whatever work we do, grow crops, play or do household chores. Some leave such things as dirt. Some substances are kept in one place after cleaning this dirt. This is called garbage.

We sometimes make these garbage manure, sometimes burn it, sometimes bury it under the ground. If you do not do this, then the garbage is amber.

Garbage or dirt is always harmful. It produces harmful germs. These germs make us sick. Therefore, it is necessary to stop them.

Environmental Pollution Essay in English

Ever since the scientific progress has increased in the factories, since then, the smoke emanating from the factories, the residues of the chemicals and materials used in them, its dust particles etc. have been continuously increasing and accumulating.

This chemical is just as harmful for us as junk. There are three basic elements of our life in the world in which we live.

First Earth on which we live. In our soil, our relationship remains in one form or the other. Second air, in which we breathe. This is the basis of our life.

In the absence of this, we cannot think of life. Thirdly water, it is necessary for us just like air. If all of us do not get water, we will die of thirst, if we do not get air, we will die of suffocation.

In this way, our life on earth depends on air and water. According to science, there are gases in the air like oxygen, carbon dioxide, then water is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen.

These two have certain amounts of these gases. The oxygen we breathe. It is life saving. In normal condition, when air and water are mixed with certain amount of connectors, they are called pure.

But when their ratio becomes more unbalanced due to various reasons, they are no longer worth the work and this is what we call pollution.

Essay on Environmental Pollution in English

Based on what has been stated above, pollution becomes of three types –

(1) Air pollution

(2) Water pollution

(3) soil pollution

The smoke emanating from factories, the smell emanating from rotten-throat substances and other similar gaseous substances when mixed in the air spoil the normal proportions.

Then the air is not able to breathe. We not only have trouble breathing, but we carry germs of many diseases inside with the help of our breath.

Due to science, petrol and diesel powered vehicles have been used more and more since then the smoke and dust emanating from these trains are continuously polluting the air.

In large cities, the atmosphere has become so polluted by the smoke of factories, now people walking on the road are forced to always apply masks on their noses.

Due to increasing population, water becomes polluted when it gets mixed in the water due to excess quantity of urine, waste of various factories, residues of various chemicals and oily substances.

Such water is not potable. On drinking this in particular, humans, animals, birds etc. either die or become diseased in large numbers.

Scientists of the world have tested the sources of water around the world and have told that most of the water has been polluted and the remaining pure water is not enough for the current population.

There was a time when planting and living with soil made the body healthy and strong. But the soil has also been polluted due to chemical waste and increasing dirt.

Soil is also being polluted by the fertilizers and pesticides used to teach crops in the fields or to protect the crop.

Therefore, all of us human beings should understand the losses from environmental pollution and take some good steps to prevent it.

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